25% per month reveals.

A consistent strategy with time tested performance.

Decades of Trading experience

Decades of Trading experience can reveal profitable performance with a consistent 2 week options strategy.


Unlike other trade services that shoot for 5% returns while risking 100% of the account value, we risk much less of the account value while looking at returns 25-30% over a 2-week period and with possible returns of over 50% in a month. Losses can also be expected but we are strategizing to limit the size and scope of those losses. The stock market goes up and down but more often up. We’re using our system to take advantage of the upward drift or bias with our strategies, meanwhile, we incorporating a hedge protecting against some of the downside.



Trade Experience
With over 2 decades of stock and options trading experience, we have developed a system to make consistent returns by utilizing credit and debit spreads.


We’re putting our money where our mouth is so to speak. We are using these trades for our accounts, in addition backtested results and current trades validate our strategy. 

Program performance

Backtested performance. Commission not accounted for in trades

……   = trades adjusted for change $37655.95 1 year account value /$5000 original investment = 763%

Actual Trades

Actual Trades delayed data

UnderlyingSold/BoughtStrategyStrike/DateCredit/DebitMax at risk ResultResult TradeROI Capital Allocated
USO BoughtBill collectorSell May 20 83 put
Buy Jun 24 83 Put
Roll Sample
$(3.50)$350In Process
SpySoldBill Collector445/446 Exp Nov 5$9$91Expired for full profit10%
SpyBoughtLeaping Arrow460/461 Exp Nov 12($0.59)0.592 profitable closes40%
SpySoldBill Collector451/450 Exp Nov 12$12$88Expired for full profit14%
SPXSoldBill Collector4605/4600 Ex Nov 19 $60 $440Expired for full profit14%
SpyBoughtLeaping Arrow468/469 Exp Nov 26 (0.57)
0.57Loss NewCovig Selloff-100%
SPXSoldBill Collector4690/4685 Ex Nov 26$60$440Expired for Full Profit14%
SPXSoldBill Collector4605/4600 Dec 3$55$445Loss Omnicron Fears-100%
SpyBoughtLeaping Arrow468/469 Dec 23$56$56
1/2 exc .99 1/2 exp 1.0074%
SPXSold Bill Collector4480/4475 Dec 23$65$435Expired for Full Profit15%
SPXSoldBill Collector4470/4475 Dec 23$70$430Expired for Full Profit16%
SPXSoldBill Collector4350/4345 Dec 31$60$440Expired for Full Profit14%
SpyBoughtLeaping Arrow477/478 Jan 1st(.58).58Loss-100%
SPXSoldBill Collector4700/4695$55$445Loss Stop Reached-28%

successful trading with a PROVEN STRATEGY.

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Frequently asked Questions FAQ’s

How many trades are made?

We have 2 strategies the Leaping Arrow the Bill Collector and they are included in your membership. We trade both and they work well together. You can open an account at one of our partner brokers or simply buy the signals.

How will I receive notice of trade?
Currently we are sending out emails of our trades or text messages or you can Autotrade with our partner brokerages

Brokerage account information:
you will need a brokerage account with a level 3 options ability.

Can I lose money?

Yes but most of our trades are winning trades when we have a loss trade we utilize 2 trading strategies to add for diversification. What this does is not eliminate losses but this helps to greatly reduce the chances of having consecutive losses. 

How much should I trade with?

This is completely up to you.  Of our funds we have allocated to this trading plan, currently we trade with 40% of our account on the Leaping Arrow, 20% of our Bill Collector. We Leave all the rest of your funds in cash for protection against a market downturn. You should never trade with money you may need to use or spend coming up in the near future. 

I still don't understand how to place the trades please help?
Each brokerage firm has a different system please contact them or open a account with a partner brokerage firm and place the trades there.
What type of brokerage should I use?
How much is your trade service?

$249.97 per month you will receive all signals include Trade Entry and trade exit.

***A Important notice on Allocations***

It is important to note we are not financial advisors or money managers. We do not give individual advice on money management. We only provide signal services and utilize the same strategy as the signals we are providing.   Now with that being said losses happen and we have calculated there would be losses in this strategy be sure to limit the amount invested to a recoverable amount. Additionally, don’t be the gambler who won a million dollars and sat at the table and gambled it all away. If you have some good wins take some money out of the account and spend it or use it for something else.

How do I cancel my subscription?

 Send us a formal email one week in advance of membership cancel date.



Over 25 years of valuable trading experience


Bi Weekly trade goals, targeting 25% return each time. 


Constant supervision of open trades to maximize gains and minimize losses.


Weekly updates on performance


Link with participating brokers to have them automatically submit trades for you. More…


Unlimited e-mail support and unfettered access to our privileged Member’s Area.

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